To the Best of Our Knowledge on NPR News

Sunday 7pm, on the NPR News Service
  • Hosted by Hosted by: Jim Fleming

What is "To the Best of Our Knowledge" all about?
"To the Best of Our Knowledge" (TTBOOK) is an audio magazine of ideas — two hours of smart, entertaining radio for people with curious minds. It's sort of journalistic, but it's never about the president's speech to the U.N., weapons inspections in Iraq, or yesterday's stock market disaster. It's the kind of show that would spend an hour on advertising or on the roots of hip- hop. It might also spend an hour on hair. Or salt. Or pirates, road trips, house cleaning, animal intelligence, high energy physics, the afterlife, or how to say you're sorry ....

Could you be more specific?
Sure. TTBOOK produces two hours of radio every week. Each hour has a theme. The majority of the program is interviews, but it also airs performance pieces and commentaries, sound pieces, and lots of music. TTBOOK has a host — Jim Fleming — who does some of the interviews and who anchors the show, shepherding guests and other interviewers in and out of radio space. The other two interviewers on the show are Steve Paulson and Anne Strainchamps.

Why does TTBOOK have multiple interviewers?
We don't really know — we just like it.

What's up with the themes? Why have themes, anyway?
Because it lets TTBOOK be produced as a radio salon — the kind of place where a playwright and a scientist, a theologian and a rock critic might all offer their views on, say, revenge. Inviting a diverse group of people with really different backgrounds to approach one subject can create a kind of depth and richness that is beautiful. The goal is to entertain you, to surprise you, and to leave you at the end of each hour with something to mull over.

TTBOOK once got a call from a listener who said, "I don't need more information; what I need is more wisdom." That's a really great mission statement for a radio show! 

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