Young People Suing Trump Administration Over Climate Change To Get Day In Court

Dec 6, 2017

A group of young people suing President Donald Trump and the federal government over climate change will present their case to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Monday, Dec. 11.

In an attempt to get the case dropped before it goes to trial, the Trump administration has asked the Ninth Circuit court for a writ of mandamus. That’s a legal tactic that would suggest federal Judge Ann Aiken of Eugene, Oregon, was incorrect in her earlier ruling that the case could go to trial.

Jacob Lebel of Roseburg, Oregon, is one of the plaintiffs. He says he’s confident the appeals court will see the validity of his lawsuit.

“The legal arguments that we’re making which are based on the public trust and constitutional rights,” Lebel said. “And I’ve been becoming more and more convinced and really hopeful and confident that we have a really, really good case.”

If the appeals court judges agree with the young people, ages 10 – 21, the lawsuit will go to trial in Eugene this February.

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