WSU To Dedicate Richland Site For Wine Science Center

Oct 18, 2012

Washington State University is known for its study of agriculture. This week, the university is dedicating a site that will be a research hub for wine.

The 35,000-square-foot facility in Richland, Wash., will eventually host several labs, a research winery, meeting rooms and classrooms. The center would train undergraduates, grad school scientists and postdoctoral students on the science of wine.

Ted Baseler is the CEO of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and the chair of the center’s campaign committee. He says like California, the Northwest needs it’s own wine research polestar.

“We need to teach our own," Baseler says. "Young people that are from Washington, they grow up here, they want to be a part of this exciting, thriving industry of wine -- we would like them to have the chance to go to a world class institution.”

WSU says the center is about $4 million short of it’s nearly $20 million goal.

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