WSU Alumna, Producer of "NCIS," Tells Students to Follow Their Passion

Apr 6, 2012

Hollywood is not looking for copycats, but new and interesting ideas. That’s according to Nicole Mirante-Matthews, the co- executive producer of CBS television’s NCIS. She spoke at Washington State University in Pullman on Thursday.

If you want to tell stories, find the stories that move you, and tell them really well. That career advice comes from Hollywood writer and producer Nicole Mirante-Matthews, whose life has taken her from Washington State to Hollywood.

The 1992 Washington State University and Murrow College graduate spoke in Pullman Thursday as a guest of the WSU Women’s Resource Center and said students should follow their passion. Hollywood, she said, was not looking for copycats, but for new ideas.

Nicole Mirante- Matthews: “I wouldn’t focus on something you think might be commercially viable. I would focus on things that move you as a writer. That’s what I did.”

Mirante- Matthews is a writer and co-executive producer of NCIS on CBS. She says the characters are what make the show so popular with fans, and the very human reactions they have to what they encounter on the show. Previously she had worked on shows including Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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