Write In Count Continues In Tuesday's Oregon Primary

May 17, 2012

The hand count continues for the wave of write-in ballots Republicans cast in Oregon's Attorney General and Treasurer's races. The party was not able to find a candidate willing to run in the primary, but suggested voters write in Tom Buchalfor AG and Tom Cox for Treasurer. Nineteen thousand Republican voters ultimately threw their support behind write-ins. Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown says the counties have twenty days to finish their tallies.

Kate Brown "Every write-in has to be counted by hand by an elections board. There are usually four people. At least two have to be of different parties. It's a really labor-intensive process."

The attorney general's race may have been effectively decided. In a contested Democratic primary,  Ellen Rosenblum emerged as the party's nominee. The state-wide race was decided by about 14% of Oregon's registered voters.

Because the incumbent is leaving office early, Governor Kitzhaber might choose to appoint Rosenblum to begin serving this summer.

Greg Leo with the Oregon Republican Party wouldn't rule out the possibility of trying to get Cox and Buchal on the ballot under another party's name.