Women's History Month Specials

Mar 7, 2016

All through March, you’ll hear stories, features and music recognizing the history and contributions of women. Among the programs we’re offering:

Women At Work: A History: It’s easy nowadays to roll our eyes at the quaint notion that “a woman’s place is in the home.” But is the real history more complicated than that caricature of bygone values? On this special from the series Backstory With The American History Guys, explore the relationship between women’s labor and their legal status as citizens. How has the value Americans place on the women’s work changed over time? Wednesday March 23, 8-9 PM, NPR News service

Women In Clothes: A special edition of Selected Shorts, showcasing the remarkable volume Women in Clothes, a bestselling compendium of conversations, memories, declarations, debates, prose and poetry that addresses the rich, complex relationship women have with clothes, and how this intersects with other areas of their lives—family, friends, and work. Sunday March 27, 6-7 PM, NPR News service


Women in Music from the Baroque: A program celebrating some of the remarkable women in music from the Baroque, including works by Barbara Strozzi, Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, and Isabella Leonarda.  Sunday March 6, 9-10 PM, NPR & Classical music service

Women’s Lives: Marco Werman of PRI’s The World and a team of women journalists report on the status of women, which is rising in many parts of the world largely through the efforts of women themselves. Nearly a year in the making, this program tells stories of women around the globe facing challenges, becoming empowered through their own efforts as entrepreneurs, as mentors and students, and as activists with a message. Wednesday March 9, 8-9 PM, NPR News service

Celebrate Women In Classical Music: Gigi Yellen focuses on the contributions of women composers, conductors and performers. Two chances to listen:  REPEAT BROADCAST: Sunday, March 20, 9 PM-midnight, NPR and Classical music service. Listen to it again.