Wolf Reintroduction Benefits Bears

Jul 29, 2013

A new study released Monday shows a direct relationship between the reintroduction of the grey wolf to the amount of berries consumed by grizzly bears. 

The Yellowstone grizzly bear is an omnivore, it eats meat, fruits, berries, grass and bugs.
Credit Yellowstone National Park

The study that appears in the Journal of Animal Ecology provides scientific evidence that wolves are keeping elk populations in Yellowstone in check. The result is more wild berries for grizzly bears.

It’s one of the first studies to research Yellowstone fruit production in relation to predators like wolves and bears.

Chris Haney, the chief scientist with Defenders of Wildlife, says more science is good for the conservation of grizzly bears.

“Anytime that we can find one variable that explains more than half of the noise in the chaos that we see in natural systems. Yes, that is really worth paying attention to" says Haney.

Haney expects more studies on this relationship in the coming years.

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