Wildfire Season Looks Bad For Central Idaho, Easier In Southern Part Of The State

Where you are in Idaho will determine your wildfire risk this summer. Fire officials gave their predictions Tuesday on what fire seasons will be like around the state. If you’re in southern Idaho you shouldn’t see the type of catastrophic wildfires we had last year.

  Ed Delgado is manager of predictive services at the National Interagency Fire Center. He says this year there’s a big difference between the mountains and the desert.

Delgado: “Down in the grasslands things are a lot different than they were last year. Doesn’t mean we won’t have fires, we’re just not going to have the near record breaking fires we had last year. The forest lands are extremely dry and there’s the potential with all the fuels we have up there for those same kind of fires we had last year.”

Delgado says starting in July and lasting through August central Idaho will have above normal potential for big fires. A spokesman for the Boise National Forest says restrictions on camp fires and charcoal grills will begin earlier and be more widespread than in previous years. Last year most of Idaho’s worst fires were started by people.

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