Who's the next Adele?

This year's Grammy broadcast featured four powerhouse female vocalists, including British songstress Adele, who swept all six of the categories for which she was nominated.  So, who can we look forward to seeing at next year's music award shows? 

Claire Boucher, who records and produces under the moniker Grimes, has come to be one of my absolute favorite artists so far this year.  I am not sure whether it is her mysterious personality or the fact that she is bringing well produced female pop music back.  Boucher’s upcoming album Visions, is due to be released on Feb. 21st by her new and outstanding label, 4AD.  Visions has this complex feeling that many can relate to.  Behind Boucher’s aerial falsetto voice are these emotional lyrics, topped by dreamy and psychedelic beats that will have you dancing for days.  She plays around with loops, her vocals running up & down; while the repetition adds depth and meaning to each track.  There is a sensation as if you’re drifting through space listening to Visions in its entirety.  At 23, this Montreal solo act is being well received after releasing two  albums and an EP in less than 2 years.  Not to mention that Boucher does her live shows almost entirely on her own.  According to NPR Music’s review, “Visions reveals Boucher to be a promising young artist and producer with a clear vision.”  I couldn’t agree more.

If you are interested in seeing her live set check out her tour schedule here.

You can also have an exclusive first listen to Visions here on NPR Music’s website.