White Pride Posters Prompt Town Hall At Vancouver Community College

Dec 6, 2017

Posters reading “It’s OK to be white” were posted at a community college campus in Vancouver, Washington. Clark College is holding a series of town halls this week to address the incident, which many at the school are calling offensive. 

The signs started appearing on campus in early November.

Just this week, a handwritten note with the words “it’s ok to be white” was taped outside Clark College’s Office of Diversity and Equity. Loretta Capeheart is the center’s associate vice president.

“It feels quite intended to intimidate, intended to instill fear," Capeheart said. "And this is why we’re trying to come together across communities of color to say we’re not going to be fearful.” 

Capeheart said the first round of posters coincided with a white pride rally on an Interstate 5 freeway overpass in Vancouver. It’s unknown who posted the flyers at Clark College, but Capeheart worries it could be a recruiting tactic for local white nationalist groups.

The Washington Post reported similar posters have circulated on several college campuses, including the University of Utah and Tulane University. Similar signs were also posted at Washington State University’s Pullman campus on two different days last week.

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