Where Is 'Coco' Accessible To Spanish-Speaking Audiences?

Dec 4, 2017


Disney-Pixar’s film “Coco” about Dia de los Muertos, has received stellar reviews from critics. The animated film has brought in over $200 million worldwide since its release.

“Coco” is now the largest grossing film ever in Mexico. Despite positive reviews, in the U.S. some audiences aren’t able to access the movie in their preferred language. While Pixar did make the film accessible to Spanish-speaking audiences with subtitles and dubbing, 17 states don’t have any theater playing it in Spanish.

According to Pixar’s online listings, only four theaters in Washington state have Spanish dubbing or subtitles. In Oregon, only one theater offers "Coco" in Spanish (see below map for their locations). Other states like Hawaii, Alaska, and Idaho don’t have any. Spanish versions of the film are largely concentrated in the Southwest, with the most showings in California and Texas.

That means of nearly 4,000 theaters showing the film nationwide, only five percent offer Spanish dubbing or subtitles.

Pixar does provide an option for audiences who want to hear the movie in Spanish. An app called TheatreEars provides a Spanish-language track for moviegoers to sync the film with their earbuds.

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