When Will The Smoke Dissipate?

Aug 8, 2017

The wildfire smoke in Washington state has been extreme for days now, and many are wondering just when the air might clear out.

Ranil Dahmmapala, an atmospheric scientist from the Washington Department of Ecology, said he thinks the severe wildfire smoke may start to clear out a bit by Thursday for the western part of the state, but linger longer in the east.

“But the good news is from the weekend onward, there’s a good chance for a pattern shift, and we might have southwest winds to blow some of the smoke away and keep the British Columbia smoke away for a while,” Dahmmapala said.

Compared to previous years, Dahmmapala said smoke from the fires is unprecedented in regards to the number of people exposed to bad air quality.

No good air quality was recorded at any of the air monitors in Eastern Washington on Monday, Dahmmapala said, with most locations reading unhealthy air.

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