Western State Lawmakers Tee Up Rules To Replace Scrapped Federal ‘Net Privacy

Apr 7, 2017

Washington state, California and Montana legislators are moving quickly on state privacy protections to forbid broadband service providers such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T from selling your personal browsing data without your permission.

Large, bipartisan majorities of the Washington House and Senate are backing legislation to reimpose internet privacy rules just repealed by Congress. Telecom and cable company lobbyists met with Washington Governor Jay Inslee this week to try to head off state action.

Inslee says he understands the industry's preference for uniform, national rules, but doesn't see that happening soon.

"They're going to have to convince me that they can get a nationwide privacy protection up and running in short order -- or I think the state is going to need to act,” Inslee said.

A state House committee has scheduled a public hearing for next Wednesday in Olympia to take comments on whether the state should step in. Oregon may join the list of involved states sometime soon.