Wenatchee Residents Deal With Smoke And Uncertainty

Sep 12, 2012

Two fires in Central Washington state near the resort town of Wenatchee have merged together. Firefighters are struggling to get the blaze contained.

The more than one-thousand-acre fire burning west of Wenatchee is crawling into canyons and forcing the evacuation of dozens more homes. Firefighters are worried that in some areas residents might get cut off from escape routes if they don’t leave soon. A Wenatchee bartender, Deanna McDaniel, says her some of her family lives near the fire line.

Deanna McDaniel: “During the day the smoke is so thick you really can’t see much. But at night you can definitely see the flames. It’s horrible.”

A lightning storm Saturday night started more than two-dozen fires in the region -- many are still burning.

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