Wenatchee Complex Fire Grows, Residents Evacuate

Sep 11, 2012

The Wenatchee Complex wildfire is sending a thick blanket of smoke through the Central Washington town. Some residents of Wenatchee and nearby communities have fled their homes. Several fires have combined to make a more than 1,000-acre blaze in the hills near town. A lightning storm Saturday night started more than two dozen fires in the area; many are still burning.

Chaz Cox is a manager at the Caffé Mela in downtown Wenatchee.

Cox: “Fires aren’t a total random thing for us over here. I mean, we do deal with fires pretty commonly, especially this time of year. A lot of us are used to the smoke and used to the fires, but it’s just a little scary to have one this close to town.”

More firefighters are arriving to fight the Wenatchee-area fires, but so far there are about 300 people battling the blaze. No homes have been lost yet, but a few sheds and other structures have burned.

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