Washington's Highest Minimum Wage Yet Is Also Highest In Nation

Jan 2, 2017

Millions of U.S. workers will get a raise on New Year's Day, as more than a dozen states increase their minimum wage. That includes thousands of people across Washington.

Two state's tie for the highest minimum wage in 2017. It's increasing to $11 an hour in Massachusetts and Washington state. Washington's will keep going up each year, until it reaches $13.50 an hour.

It's even higher in the city of Seattle, which is gradually enforcing a $15 minimum. That law is taking effect for large businesses that don't cover health insurance.

The city of Seattle says that means a raise for a large percent of the city's workforce. Eventually all Seattle employers will pay a minimum of $15 an hour.

Elsewhere, Oregon's goes up to $10.25 in July. The federal minimum remains at $7.25.

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