Washington Unemployment Ticks Down

Oct 17, 2012

Washington’s jobless rate dropped just slightly in September. State economists Wednesday pegged unemployment at 8.5 percent. That erases a small uptick in August.

Washington labor economist Joe Elling says the state had robust job gains in aerospace manufacturing and in leisure and hospitality. He says Washington is better poised for recovery than many other states, but it’s slow.

“We’re still going through this adjustment in certain sectors. Construction employment has picked up, but we’re still at a very depressed level compared to where we were at two, three years ago. So it’s taking time.”

Elling did have one correction to make. Economists had estimated a loss of 1,100 jobs in August. In fact, that number was in the black, with a gain of 2,500 jobs.

In Oregon, the unemployment rate continues to hover around 8.7 percent.

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