Washington Submits Plan To Move Past No Child Left Behind Act

Sep 19, 2017

Chris Reykdal
Credit The website of Chris Reykdal

Washington state officials announced their plan Monday for how to comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Obama-era rule that replaces the federal No Child Left Behind act.

To meet the new requirements, Washington will put less emphasis on test results.

Chris Reykdal, the state's schools chief, says Washington will use new benchmarks to rank schools.

"Graduation rates will be 50-percent of the formula," Reykdal said. "We include things now like absenteeism of students, and how they're performing in the 9th grade, and whether or not they're getting access to dual-credit courses like Running Start, College in the High School, and these other things."

The criteria will be used to identify schools that need improvement.

Reykdal says Washington state will also place more focus on students that have been historically under-served, like students of color and students with special needs. Reykdal now awaits word from the federal government on whether the state education plan meets the guidelines.