Washington State University Funding Looking Better Than In Recent Years

Feb 29, 2012

Washington State University officials are cautiously optimistic that the steep budget cuts in state funding so common in recent years may be over.

The final version of the state budget in Washington is still a ways off—it must be approved by state lawmakers and signed by the Governor. However, it appears that expected reductions higher education may not be coming, and that has Washington State University officials hopeful. Chris Mulick is WSU’s Director of State Relations.

Chris Mulick: “There has been, without question, a lot more noise made this year in favor of higher education. It’s coming from a lot of different places. I mean, certainly, the business community has been involved.”

WSU’s state appropriation has been cut 52% since 2007, but the news has been better this year. The House proposed a budget last week that cut WSU’s funding by only $9.3 million, down from the $26 million cut previously proposed by the Governor. And on Tuesday the Senate proposed a budget with no cuts for the university. The difference in the budget proposals need to be worked out before the scheduled adjournment of the state legislature on March 8th.

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