Washington State May Be Honored For Producing A-Bomb

Jun 27, 2012

Washington state played a key role in helping the U.S. develop nuclear weapons. The Department of Energy hails the Hanford site as an “engineering marvel.” It was the first large scale plutonium production facility in the world and was erected in a mere thirteen months. Now lawmakers want to make part of the site a national park, along with nuclear facilities in Tennessee and New Mexico.

Herbert Frost is an associate director at the National Park Service. He told a Senate panel the current proposal allows the site to evolve over time.

Frost: “As these provisions will give the National Park Service the flexibility to shape the park over time and to provide the promotion and education and interpretation related to the park’s purpose.”

The proposed national park has its critics. The Hanford site produced the plutonium that went into the bomb that destroyed Nagasaki at the end of World War II. Anti-nuclear activists worry the park could glorify the atom bomb.

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