Washington Revenue Debate Not Over With Estate Tax “Fix”

Jun 14, 2013

The checks will not be in the mail Friday morning. Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed legislation late Thursday night to halt the issuance of refunds to the heirs of some multi-million dollar estates. At a midnight bill signing, Inslee – a Democrat – praised the legislature for voting to fund schools in lieu of refunds for wealthy families. But he also said he wants lawmakers to find additional sources of revenue for the next budget.

Inslee: “We have a lot more work to do. We have a number of loopholes that need closing. We have a phone tax glitch that needs fixing. These are very, very doable things and I’m going to look forward to getting that done.”

Senate Republican budget writer Andy Hill disagrees. He argues the so-called estate tax “fix” is the last piece of the puzzle. He believes it’s now possible to find an additional $1 billion for public schools without additional taxes.

Hill: “We have a governor saying that we need to raise more taxes in order to get $1 billion into basic education. And we have threats of shutting down the government because we need more taxes because we can’t get that $1 billion.”

Washington lawmakers and the governor have until the end of the month to find agreement on a budget for the next two years. That’s when the new fiscal year begins.

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