Washington Representative Smith Undecided On Syria Action

Sep 3, 2013

Members of Congress are hearing arguments today on whether military action should be taken against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad .

Credit US House of Representatives / Wikimedia Commons

Washington Congressman Adam Smith is the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. He says he is undecided on how he will vote.

"I was hoping that we would move towards a more humble, more multi-lateral U.S. foreign policy and one that does not rely as much on military force, simply because military force does not accomplish as much as we would like to imagine" says Smith.

Congressman Smith has just returned from the Syria-Jordan border where he talked with many Syrian refugees. He says that there is no good option for the US in Syria.

Smith says he’s not sure if a onetime bombing campaign would make a strong difference. But he says it would be wise to support leaders from amongst certain Syrian rebel groups.

A vote is expected to come sometime next week.

Speaker John Boehner has said that he supports the President’s proposal to attack Syria.

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