Washington Race for Governor Too Close to Call

Nov 7, 2012

It’s déjà vu. Once again, Washington’s race for governor is too close to call. Democrat Jay Inslee leads Republican Rob McKenna by nearly three percentage points with just over half the expected ballots counted.

Inslee stopped just short of declaring victory Tuesday night.

Jay Inslee: “They are still counting the ballots in the governor’s race, but I believe this. I believe tonight our state has taken another step forward and we have elected a forward looking governor and I fully intend to be that governor for the state of Washington.”

Meanwhile in Bellevue, Republican McKenna asked his supporters to wait a few more days.

Rob McKenna: “We are confident that thanks to your hard work and dedication that when the last ballots are counted it will be clear that voters have sent a clear message that it is time to move our state in a new direction.”

McKenna says he’s confident the late-arriving ballots will favor him. Democrats say even if the race narrows, they believe Inslee can retain his lead.

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