Washington House Plans Final Approval Of College Aid For Undocumented Students

Feb 18, 2014

Several thousand high school graduates in Washington who came to this country illegally with their parents could soon have a shot at state financial aid. 

Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins says a final vote is scheduled in the Washington state House Tuesday night on the so-called “Dream Act.”

“This had died in the Senate last year. And there was no evidence that the Senate was very interested in it this year. Rodney Tom, the Senate Majority leader, was very noncommittal when I asked him about this prior to the session starting, but then suddenly the Senate got behind a version of this that includes some extra funding and very quickly passed the measure off of the Senate floor. They call it the Real Hope Act, not the Dream Act, Real Hope because they say it has five million dollars more for the program," says Jenkins.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has indicated he will sign the measure into law. That would make Washington the fourth state to allow undocumented students to qualify for taxpayer funded college aid.

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