Washington Congressman Jim McDermott Says President Obama Should Wait On Military Action In Syria

Sep 10, 2013

President Obama is scheduled to address the nation tonight about the situation in Syria. On Monday, Syria said it would consider getting rid of its chemical weapons after Russian officials encouraged that action.

Washington Congressman Jim McDermott
Credit US House of Representatives

  Washington Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott represents Seattle. He says President Obama should let that deal play out before deciding whether to launch military action against Syria.

“The Russians have put something on the table. The Syrians have agreed to it, the French have agreed to sort of broker the deal. And I believe that we should let that evolve. We should not push with some kind of military threat at this point, I don’t think that adds anything to it" says McDermott.

McDermott says he was pleased that Syria was considering getting rid of its chemical weapons stockpile. He says anything that avoids a confrontation and airstrike is in the best interest of everyone involved.

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