Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson Says Few Taxpayer Dollars Used To Sue Trump Administration

Oct 10, 2017


Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said little taxpayer dollars are being used to support the state's 19 lawsuits against the Trump Administration.

That's because the bulk of the legal work is being handled by the Attorney General's Civil Rights unit, Ferguson said.

"That operation is funded entirely through recoveries we get through consumer protection actions, that's how I created the civil rights unit. It did not exist before I was Attorney General,” he said. “But I felt when I became Attorney General that, 'hey, we're the largest law firm in the state, we should be doing civil rights work on behalf of the people of the state."

Ferguson most recently sued the Trump Administration over its decision to allow more employers to opt out of paying for contraception.

While other groups have sued over the move, the Attorney General said it's his job to sue any president who might be acting unconstitutionally.

Ferguson notes that he also twice sued the Obama Administration.

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