Washington And Oregon Get CHIP Bonuses

Dec 19, 2012

Oregon is going to get an extra $25 million dollars from the federal government this year for the state's efforts to insure children.  Washington will get $12 million.

The money comes as a result of performance bonuses included in the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, Reauthorization Act.
Cindy Mann, the director of the Center for Medicaid services, announced Wednesday that 23 states will get a total of $306 million.

Cindy Mann: "Thanks to Medicaid and CHIP the nation has seen a significant decline in the rate of uninsured children over time. And of course that's different than what we're seeing generally for adults."

In Oregon, about 82 percent of kids eligible to be covered by CHIP are actually covered. In Washington, the participation rate is a little higher, at 86 percent.