Wash. State Liquor Board Holds Final Hearing On Sales Curfew

Apr 13, 2012

SPOKANE -- The state liquor board visits Spokane Monday for a hearing about the hours of alcohol sales. SPR’s Paige Browning tells us some think 2:00 am is too early to shut off the taps.

The idea brought forth by the City of Seattle, “Is to consider opening rule making so that cities … can submit proposals that allow nightclubs, bars, places that serve liquor, to be open between the hours of 2am and 6am,” says former state senator Chris Marr.

He is now on the state liquor board. He says the hearing in Spokane is the last of four. As Marr explains, it’s a multi-step process. First, hear from the public. Then the liquor board decides if they should open up rule making in the state. If that happens, cities could apply for permits, and ultimately bars could sell alcohol late into the night.

Marr: “As the second-largest city within the state ... looking into the future, these are issues that are gonna affect a city like Spokane at some point.”

He says the board has heard a lot of support from bar owners and young people. But the concerns highlight the need for public safety resources.

“Is there enough police resource available in order to handle these additional hours," Marr says. "What about transportation options? Three, four o'clock in the morning you have bar patrons getting out, how can you assure us they have public transportation options.”

The hearing happens in the city council chambers, Monday at 10:30 am.

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