Wash. Shoppers React To Liquor In Grocery Stores

Jun 1, 2012

The state of Washington has officially bid good riddance to its state run liquor stores. About five times as many stores will now sell hard liquor, and the new law that went into effect Friday means shoppers can head to supermarkets to buy vodka or rum. It’s a welcome change for some people, but not for everyone.

Shoppers gave their reactions outside of a Costco warehouse in Seattle.

Alyssa Royse was loading up bottles.

"I came here just to by liquor. We've got tequila, vodka, gin and of course vermouth."

The novelty of private liquore sales lured shopper Kyle Johnson.

"It's a buying frenzy. That's why I came, I wanted to see it on the first day. How could I miss it? How could you miss it?”

Voters passed Initiative 1183 last fall to allow hard liquor sales in stores larger than 10,000 square feet, as well as in some smaller stores. Issaquah based Costco poured more than $20 million into getting the initiative passed.

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