Wash. Governor Wishes New Budget Had Bigger Cushion Of Reserves

Apr 12, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is praising the rebalanced state budget that the legislature delivered to her in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. But Gregoire also told reporters Thursday that she's concerned by the very slim cushion of reserves lawmakers left in the state treasury. She indicates she will selectively veto some proposed spending to keep more cash in reserve.

Chris Gregoire: "I can't go in there and create $300 million, don't mistake me. But I do have to look at things that were just thrown in there in the end. It got to a fever pitch. So it's not a perfect product."

Gregoire says the revised state budget appears "sustainable" based on the outlook today. But the Democratic governor warns higher gas prices or a fresh European debt crisis have the potential to erode consumer confidence. That could set back state tax collections yet again.

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