Wash. Gov Tries To Negotiate Eleventh Hour Go-Home Deal

Apr 9, 2012

Tuesday to rebalance the state budget. That’s when the clock runs out on the 30-day overtime session. Legislative negotiators huddled behind closed doors for several hours Monday with the governor.

The eleventh hour bipartisan negotiations follow a rancorous Easter weekend.

Lisa Brown: “This is like Washington, DC politics coming to Washington state. This is shut down government style politics.”

That was Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown on Saturday chastising Republicans for delaying a vote. But now both sides are back at the negotiating table. Governor Gregoire has proposed a series of compromises to bridge the differences between the House and Senate on three so-called government reform bills. Finding agreement on this reform package remains the chief hurdle to passing a rebalanced budget. Senate budget chair Ed Murray quipped that once a deal is struck on the reform package, a new spending plan should be a cinch.

Ed Murray: “On the budget, I believe we’re 30 seconds away on the budget itself.

If lawmakers fail to strike a deal, there are two options. Another special session or the governor can order across-the-board cuts – something she has been loath to do.

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