Wash. Gov Emerging As Unlikely Gay Rights Activist

May 11, 2012

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire is emerging as an unlikely gay rights activist both at home and on the national stage. Her role in helping pass a same-sex marriage law this year has made Gregoire a sought after spokesperson for the movement. Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins explains.

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., Gregoire made some unusual stops. She was a keynote speaker for the Gill Foundation, a deep pocketed gay rights organization. She was also honored along with Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley at a reception hosted by the national Human Rights Campaign or HRC. Both governors this year shepherded same sex marriage bills into law. Michael Cole-Schwartz is a spokesman for HRC. He wants straight audiences to hear Gregoire’s story of how she came to support gay marriage as a Catholic, married mother of two.

Michael Cole-Schwartz: “Her speaking out so eloquently really gives space for people to share that same journey and really move public opinion.”

Gregoire has already taped a short video for HRC’s website. She will also play a visible role in the campaign to uphold Washington’s new marriage equality law. It’s expected opponents will muster the signatures to put a repeal measure on the fall ballot. There’s even talk Gregoire will become a national surrogate speaker for President Obama on issues including gay rights. He recently announced his support for same-sex couples to marry.

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