Wash. GOP Caucus Results 'Meaningless' Says Former Party Chair

Mar 1, 2012

G.O.P. presidential candidates are looking for a boost from Washington’s caucuses this Saturday. It’s the last contest before Super Tuesday. But as one longtime party insider cautions, there won’t be any real winner this weekend.

The battle is on to win the Washington Republican presidential caucuses. The candidates are flying in. Ron Paul has even bought TV time.

Ron Paul Ad: “Guided by faith and principle.”

So why does former state Republican Party Chair Chris Vance call the results

Chris Vance: “Completely, utterly, totally meaningless.”

Vance explains the candidate who “wins” Washington will have won a non-binding straw poll of caucus-goers. He’s betting on Mitt Romney, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Rick Santorum or Paul. But Vance says the results of the straw poll have nothing to do with which candidate gets the most delegates. And even then, in Washington, delegates aren’t committed to a candidate until they go to the state convention.

Chris Vance: “So there is no accurate way to know who has won any delegates from Washington state.”

Of course, for the candidates there’s some public relations value in winning the straw poll. But Vance says if you want to know which candidate wins the most delegates to the national convention, tune into the state convention in June.

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