Wash. And Oregon Say Federal Dollars Needed To Handle Tsunami Debris

Jun 18, 2012

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire said her state doesn't have enough money to clean up tsunami debris that started washing ashore. And she wants the federal government to chip in. Gregoire made the remarks Monday during a news conference in Ocean Shores.

Chris Gregoire: "I don't need to tell y'all, it's tough. We have cut and cut and cut. We have very, very limited resources, which is why we're turning to the federal government and saying, 'We need the resources and we need them as soon as possible for us to gear up.'"

Coastal cities and counties hope to get reimbursed for things like extra landfill disposal fees. Oregon, Washington and Alaska also want a financial back stop in case they incur extraordinary costs for cleaning up hazardous or unwieldy debris. A massive derelict dock washed ashore near Newport, Oregon earlier this month. West Coast members of Congress have repeatedly asked for money for this cause, but it's unclear whether Congress or the President will set aside extra dollars for tsunami debris clean up.