Wandering Wolf Returns to Oregon After Year In California

Mar 14, 2013

A wandering male wolf known as OR-7 has crossed back into Oregon after spending more than a year in the mountains of northern California. It was originally born in Northeastern Oregon. Amelia Templeton of EarthFix reports. 

Most wolves don’t stray more than 100 miles from the pack they’re born into. OR-7 is an exception. The wolf has traveled about 15 miles a day since it arrived in California, mostly sticking to federal forests. GPS data from OR-7’s collar showed him crossing back into Oregon’s Klamath County. Michelle Dennehy, with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, says OR-7’s GPS collar will continue to track him for another year, give or take. Dennehy: “We can’t predict when it will fail, but that is probably within the typical lifespan of the gps collar. The more information we get from a collar, the more you run the battery down.” Biologists haven’t decided what to do when the collar fails.  OR-7 is one of just a handful wolves west of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering whether to name those wolves a distinct northwest population. That could extend their protection under the Endangered Species Act.  Copyright 2013 Nothwest Public Radio