Walla Walla Steps Forward To Strengthen Public Radio & TV

Nov 28, 2017

A group of public media members helped formulate a plan to step up support for Northwest Public Radio and Northwest Public Television during the year-end “time of giving.” Current members aim to sign up 200 new members before December 31.

This is a Walla Walla Valley effort only. Its success could lead other Northwest Public Radio & TV communities to follow Walla Walla’s lead.

How it works: When you go to your next book club meeting, or host a holiday party, or just visit with friends, ask them if they will help you win a prize for bringing the most new members to public broadcasting before the end of the year. Give them a pledge form, or have them sign up on your membership log. Then send the paperwork to NWPR.

A prize, you say? Yes, a prize. The top “recruiter” gets a personalized station tour. It can include time in the studio with your favorite host, time behind the microphone and/or camera (recorded, not live!), and perhaps a short trip to a transmitter. You can bring one of your new members with you!

If you sign up 5 (or more) new members, the goal of 200 new helping hands will be in reach. And that means your public broadcasting stations will be more prepared for the future, thanks to the many hands that make the work light.

Get your “Many Hands” kit—it’s everything you need to turn an old friend into a new member.