Walking Protest Calls For Driver's License Access

Oct 26, 2012

About a dozen people started today on a protest walk from Portland to Salem. They're asking the state government to issue standard driver's licenses to undocumented Oregonians.

Oregon City resident Sindy Avila says the marchers want  to show they care about safety and access to basic necessities. 

"Driving to work, driving to school, driving to take kids to child care centers, is essential to having a healthy and normal life in this country," Avila says. 

Gov. John Kitzhaber said in May that he'd form a work group to come up with a way for undocumented people to drive legally. The group hasn't met in several months. A spokesman for the Governor said Kitzhaber does not have the power to create a new class of licensing by executive order. 

The marchers will travel to Salem in stages, over the weekend, averaging about ten miles per day. They expect to arrive in Salem Tuesday. 

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