WA State Insurance Commissioner Weighs in on Affordable Healthcare Act Decision

Jun 28, 2012

We’ve been hearing responses all day from officials across the state about the Supreme’s Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act. KUOW’s Steve Scher spoke earlier with Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler.

Kreidler said he’s “ecstatic” with the Supreme Court’s decision.
He said this is going to provide a competitive health care market in Washington…
And insurance providers will have to step up.

Kreidler: "That means that they’re competing on the factors that really matter to you as individual as compared to where system has been and it continues this day to be, where insurers are trying to game system so they only insure healthy people and get rid of the sick people."

The Affordable Care Act could affect millions of people in Washington State and across the country.

Yet national polls show a majority of Americans are against the health care law.
That mirrors attitudes in Washington State as well.

But Kreidler says he expects those opinions to change once the law takes place.

Kreidler: "Looking at just the single benefits that they’re going to be eligible for and how the system works, within a year or two, through 2014-2015, you’re going to find very few people in this country, much less in the state of Washington, that are going to look back and say this was the wrong step to take."

Kreidler has said Washington is ahead of other states in preparing to implement the Affordable Care Act.