WA Secretary of State Sam Reed on Final College Civics Tour

Apr 19, 2012

Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed has been on his final college civics tour before he retires next January.
For the past several years, Reed has taken time out every spring to visit college campuses around Washington to engage students in a variety of activities designed to encourage them to register to vote, and to help them become informed voters.

Sam Reed: “We’ve taken the risk of allowing each college to decide how they’re going to use me, and so we’ve had some hilarious ones, we’ve had some deadly serious ones, and so it’s been quite a variety but it’s just been fun.”

Reed says the challenge has always been to make the students realize they have a stake in the political process. He expects that the participation of college-age students will increase in this fall’s election.

In most years, Reed visited 20-25 colleges, but this year the number was increased to 43. He says he’ll miss the interaction with students once he retires next January.

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