WA Attorney General Will Propose Ban On AR-15 Guns

Sep 7, 2016

 A ban on military-style weapons could come to Washington state.

Today Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he'll propose a ban during the upcoming legislative session.

Ferguson was joined by dozens of other state and local leaders in making the announcement.

The parents of Will Kramer also spoke.

Kramer survived the shooting this summer in Mukilteo, where three teenagers were killed.

Dr. Liz Raemont is Kramer's mother.

"Our children aren't safe in schools, places of worship, restaurants, malls, workplaces, or even in their own home," Raemont said. "Is this the new normal for our society?"

Ferguson says his bill would have exceptions for law enforcement, target hunters, and people who already own a military-style rifle.

The Democratic Attorney General is up for re-election this fall, and has a large fundraising lead against his opponent, Libertarian Joshua Trumbull.

Trumbull says the gun proposal infringes on 2nd amendments rights, and that a better path is to address the root causes of violence.

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