Voter Enthusiasm In Wash. Higher Than In 2008

Nov 1, 2012

In a new Washington Poll released Thursday, nearly 40 percent of voters surveyed say they are “more enthusiastic” to vote in this election than they were in 2008. Only 23 percent said they were more enthused in 2008, while the rest said they feel about the same.

University of Washington professor Matt Barreto is conducting the poll.
Credit KUOW

University of Washington professor Matt Barreto runs the poll, which spoke to 632 likely voters. He says supporters of Rob McKenna, the Republican candidate for governor, show more enthusiasm than those backing Democrat Jay Inslee.

His poll finds the governor’s race virtually tied. Inslee has a slight advantage, but Barreto says it’s within the margin of error.

“The chance for a Republican to have the governorship for the first time in an extremely long time has created an energized environment around the governor’s election. I think we have two ballot initiatives that are potentially going to be making national headlines.”

Barreto’s poll predicts passage for ballot measures legalizing marijuana and approving same-sex marriage. He notes that a third of respondents to the poll said they’d already put their ballots in the mail.

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