Veterans Day Special: Northwest Stories From World War I To Vietnam And Beyond

Nov 10, 2017

We’re taking time this Veterans Day to look at stories of people around the Northwest who have served our country. You’ll hear from two Vietnam veterans discussing their experiences in war, and at home. You’ll also hear from two Washington State University journalism students who uncovered the nearly forgotten legacy of a local World War I soldier and fellow WSU student whose story was nearly lost to time.

Northwest veterans Bob Wakefield and George Stockton – both of Moscow, Idaho – reflect on their time in Vietnam, and the years since they’ve returned. The stories come from an October event with Northwest Public Television and Radio at the Colfax, Washington, library.

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And you’ll hear from WSU journalism students Katherine Barner and Emry Dinman about how they uncovered the intriguing and nearly forgotten-to-history legacy of another student who served and died in World War I.

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