Vancouver Port Election Spells Defeat For Big Oil

Nov 8, 2017

Don Orange will be the next Port of Vancouver Commissioner. Initial results last night/Tuesday night show Orange had secured more than 64 percent of the vote. His win could spell the end of a massive oil terminal proposed at the port.

The race was one of the highest profile and most expensive local races this year. Combined, the candidates raised more than one million dollars, an amount almost unheard of in local port elections.

Don Orange celebrated his victory at the city’s local firefighter’s union building in Fruit Valley.

He ran his campaign in opposition to a plan that would bring the nation’s largest oil by rail terminal to the port.

“We’re standing up for the Columbia River," said Orange. "We’re standing up for Vancouver. We’re standing up for our responsibility for the next generation. We’re going to do what we need to do for our community.”

Orange says he plans to discuss the terminal project’s lease with the Port once his term begins in January.

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