U.S. Senator Ron Wyden Discusses College Debt With Dozen UO Students

May 31, 2012

With tuition increasing again at Oregon's universities, students will be paying more for a college education. On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden sat down with a dozen students at the University of Oregon to hear their stories. KLCC's Angela Kellner reports.

Sociology major and senior Kiara Dent told Senator Wyden she will graduate with less than $5,000 in debt, thanks to a handful of scholarships and grants.

Dent: "I came from Portland. I went to Thomas Jefferson High School, predominantly African-American school. So I feel like there is a lot of stigma coming from students that come from Jefferson. There was a lot of pressure for me to come to school and I often at times, coming from a single-parent home, worried about how I would pay for the cost to go to school."

Dent has been accepted to the University of Texas in Austin to pursue a Masters degree, where she expects to rack up some more debt.

Senator Wyden was impressed by the student's tenacity and said he'll continue to fight for them in congress.

Wyden: "And so I've introduced bi-partisan legislation with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida called the Student Right To Know Before You Go Act so that people can, in effect get information about graduation rates, about debt levels and also about what you're likely to earn in various careers."

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