U.S. Immigration Officials Continue To Monitor Hunger Strike At Tacoma Detention Center

Apr 13, 2017

Federal immigration officials say they’re continuing to monitor a hunger strike now in its fourth day at a Tacoma detention center. It is unclear how many of the roughly 1,400 detainees are now refusing food.

At one point this week several hundred were participating.

Activist Maru Mora Villalpando has been in touch with detainees by phone and email. She says people are continuing to join the hunger strike while some of the earliest participants have decided to drop out.

“They seem really apologetic,” Villalpando said. “We reminded them that they did an amazing job, that there was a big sacrifice. And that they actually inspired others to also follow their leadership.”

Detainees are demanding better food, medical care, and other conditions for the immigrants facing deportation at the Northwest Detention Center.

U.S. immigration officials say they have not placed any of the hunger strikers under medical supervision and they’re working to determine how many of the detainees are participating.

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