UO Task Force Offers Sweeping Sexual Violence Recommendations

Oct 23, 2014

University of Oregon campus
Credit Rick Obst / Flickr

A University of Oregon task force on sexual violence proposed 23 recommendations at a university senate meeting Wednesday.

The task force report is called "Twenty Students Per Week." That refers to about how often undergraduate women at U of O experience unwanted sexual contact. The same survey with those numbers also found most student-victims don't report being sexually assaulted.

"The University of Oregon can become a leader in addressing this problem," Carol Stabile said.

Task force co-chair Carol Stabile said the top recommendation is to address underreporting, by creating an Office to Address Sexual and Gender Violence.

"Centralizing resources will allow us to create a prevention hub, a research center, and to really make this someone's job," Stabile said.

The task force also recommends against expanding fraternities and sororities, and they call for more oversight of athletics in terms of sexual violence. Interim President Scott Coltrane reacted saying the costs "made my eyes bulge." The university senate plans to vote on November 5th.

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