UO Looks To Layoff Faculty

Mar 1, 2017

The University of Oregon could lay off as many as 75 non-tenured faculty in order to cope with a nearly $9 million deficit. the school is also considering a more than ten percent hike in tuition for in-state students.

A memo from U of O Provost Scott Coltrane to College Deans informs them of a need for reductions because of rising costs and flat state revenue.

Michael Dreiling is a U of O Professor of Sociology and President of United Academics. He says non-tenured faculty under threat of layoff are with programs that are successful including Arts Administration and Romance Languages. Dreiling says the state legislature is to blame.

“Because our state cannot get their act together and cannot get adequate revenue to make sure that we’re not stealing opportunities from future generations that have inherited a revenue and tax system in the state of Oregon that doesn’t work.” Dreiling said.

U of O spokesman Tobin Klinger says he can’t share any specific details on the possible layoffs. The Board of Trustees meets this week to consider proposed tuition increases.

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