University Of Idaho Goes Public With $225 Million Campaign

Apr 30, 2012

The University of Idaho has entered into the public phase of the largest fundraising campaign in its history.

At a time when state support for higher education around the country has been in decline, public universities have been placing renewed emphasis on their fundraising campaigns to make up the difference between the costs of operation and the support received from state legislatures.

At the University of Idaho, that has translated into a $225 million campaign that university President Duane Nellis says is critical if the university is to continue to offer superior and accessible higher education opportunities.

The university went public last week with its campaign, after a five year silent phase. The university has raised nearly $162 million of its target so far. It hopes to hit the goal by 2014, the 125th anniversary of the university’s founding.

A centerpiece of the campaign is a new science and research center proposed to be built in the middle of the Moscow campus.


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