Union, School Supporters Rally In Salem

Feb 20, 2012

Hundreds of school and labor supporters rallied at the Oregon Capitol today Monday to advocate for more state spending on education and social services. Rob Manning reports.

An audience of a few dozen predominantly Democratic lawmakers, and hundreds of union members and supporters listened to pleas for more money for schools and human services. Several educators – including Beaverton's Mike Ali – objected to what they consider a flawed line of thinking around education reform:

Mike Ali: "That less people can do more work in less time, and maintain – and even improve – the quality of education provided!"

"That may be an effective sound bite, but it is not the truth!"

Rally organizers say increased funding is mostly a long-term effort. In the current session, advocates are targeting an increase in community college spending, and the possible renewal of a tax increase on high-income Oregonians.

Other union advocates pressed for passage of two bills to help homeowners facing foreclosure.
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