Unemployment Benefits To Expire

Dec 3, 2012

Extended unemployment benefits are going away for 60,000 Washington residents. A federal program put in place to help jobless workers weather the recession expires at the end of the year.

Congress has come through numerous times in the past to renew a federal program to help jobless workers in Washington state.
Credit David Maiolo / Wikimedia Commons

Congress has come through numerous times in the past to renew the program. But, that doesn’t look likely this time around.

Sheryl Hutchison is with Washington’s Employment Security Department, which is sending out notices to people affected.

"We’ve seen a lot of extensions over the past four years. There have been a couple in the past where we have done similar to what we’re doing right now, which is getting the world out that this program really looks like it could shut down. Then, other times we could tell that congress really planned to extend it. But right now, the conversation on this topic is so quiet back in D.C., that we just feel like we have to be ready and we have to be fair to individuals."

Earlier this year, another emergency benefits program ended in Washington because the state’s unemployment rate improved. Copyright 2012 KPLU